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Five Elements that make up the System of Reiki:

The system of Reiki is made up of three levels, Reiki1 “Shoden” first teachings, followed by Reiki 2 “Okuden” Inner teachings then Reiki 3 “Shinpiden” Mystery teachings, Master /Teacher. Within these levels there are five key elements that comprise the “system of reiki”.
“The basis of the system was developed by a Japanese man Usui Mikao, in the early 1900s from his own unique experiences. Usui’s blending of esoteric Buddhism called Mikkyo, ancient Shugendo practices, classical samurai teachings, and martial arts know-how produced distinctive teachings. By utilising traditional approaches in his own inimitable way his intention was to bring about an unmasking, a revelation of what it meant to be human.
Consequently, it is not the energy itself that makes this system unique but the path that is walked. This path developed into one consisting of five elements: gokai (daily precepts), kokyo ho (breathing techniques), tenohira (palm-healing), shirushi and jumon (symbols and mantras), and the receiving of reiju from a teacher (a blessing from which the western attunement evolved).
A practitioner practices the majority of these elements alone - gokai, kokyo ho, and shirushi and jumon. Tenohira, too, is practised on oneself with the possibility of using it on others. These elements all become part of a personal daily routine coupled with the regular receiving of reiju from a teacher when possible. When brought together each of the elements exerts a separate influence on the practitioner producing a complete system that effects powerful change.”
Excerpt: The Japanese Art of Reiki Bronwen and Frans Steine.

Precepts "Gokai":
Developing the spiritual and mental connection using the 5 precepts.

Breathing Techniques "Kokyu ho":
These Japanese meditations and techniques are known as "ki meditations". They stimulate and enhance our original energy. These techniques change as you progress through the system of Reiki. The Japanese energy systems are known as hara. More ...
Palm Healing "Tenohira":
Palm healing More...

Symbols and Mantras "Jumon and Shirushi":


Spiritual Blessing "Reiju":

The attunement More....

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