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History of Reiki
The System of Reiki was developed by a Japanese man: Usui Mikao. Usui's story is most accurately told in stone. It was placed a year after his death by some of his students.The memorial stone is located at his gravesite at the Pure Land Buddhist Saihoji Temple in Tokyo. The stone was carved in in old Japanese (pre 1945). A translation of the memorial stone can be read here and is reprinted with permission of Hyakuten Inamoto.

Usui's teachings seemed to have evolved during his lifetime. His earlier teachings appear to have been more focussed towards spiritual development, his later teachings incorporating a more structured approach, incorporating symbols and mantras and attunements, adding to the the precepts and meditations. The facts about the system and it's development are still being researched today.

Hayashi Chujiro, one of the 21 teacher students of Usui is credited with teaching Hawayo Takata, who brought Reiki to Hawaii in 1938, from there Reiki spread throughout America and then throughout the western world.

Hawayo Takata taught 22 master/teachers before she passed away in 1980. She started the journey of Reiki throughout the west, and developed what is commonly referred to as "the western system" of Reiki.

Since Hawayo Takata's passing, Reiki has spread throughout the world, with many variations in methodology and philosophy. This has created a lot of confusion as to the origins and teachings underpinning the system of Reiki. This confusion has led many people back to Japan, the birthplace of Reiki. Slowly, as doors open, these reseachers are liasing with some of the Japanese teachers and providing information on the system of Reiki and it's founder Usui Mikao. Combined with a greater understanding of the the cultural and spiritual influences at the time of its inception are beginning to provide clarity into the system, as it was originally developed.

To gain further insight into the historical origins of Reiki please refer to the recommended reading and Website links pages.

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