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General Questions about classes

In these classes you will learn techniques
  • To assist in sitting quietly with awareness.
  • To refresh, restore and balance a restless mind
  • Utilising contemplation, single point meditations, breath awareness, Ki (energy) cultivation and awareness
  • techniques, & Precepts, (a way of being)
Each class
  • Suits all levels, beginners welcome.
  • Begins with brief discussion of evening practice
  • Is semi guided
  • Is designed to provide you with a defined space and time to develop and explore the benefits of regular meditation practice  
  • May involve both sitting, and standing

What is involved in a class?
Each class starts with a discussion of the practice, as you begin to settle into a comfortable position. You can sit on a chair, or meditation stool or on the floor, this is a personal preference. Laying down is not recommended as sleep usually follows quickly. We begin the class by setting your intent, bringing your hands into gassho, (prayer position at heart centre.) All this time being aware of your natural breath.

The meditation practice has started, you listen to my voice as I guide you through the techniques. Each practice is divided into two sections, we work with a technique and afterwards just sit in the quiet the practice has created. We then move onto the next technique. Our focus with each technique is to discipline the mind to focus on one action at one time. Bringing the mind and the body into balance with each other.

Why Japanese Meditation Classes?
The techniques and meditations practiced in the class are based on the Japanese Energetic System. Utilising three energy centres on the body. The most well known is the Hara, which means abdomen or belly. Energy is stored at this point in the body, and from there expands throughout the body. The other two centres are located at the head and centre of the chest. Read more....

I have never tried meditation before.
A perfect opportunity to start. The classes are semi guided to help you focus on a practice. Please read the beginners info pack to help you get started or call Vicki on 99731720.

I find it hard to sit still for an hour.
When you first start it is difficult to stay in one place for an hour. As you relax and focus on the techniques and your breath, it is amazing how fast an hour will pass.

Do you run meditation courses?.
I teach the three levels within the System of Reiki. This system combines the elements of meditation, self awareness and hands on healing to develop a sense of balance and purpose within your life. Some of the techniques used in the classes reflect similar meditations practiced Reiki 1. My aim in these classes is to provide you with a set time and place to meditate. Often we do a course, and then get caught up in the rigors of daily life and gradually leave the practice behind. These classes will support an ongoing meditation practice.

Where are the classes run?.
There are three classes each week. Tuesday nights 6.30 - 7.30pm  & 7.45 - 8.45pm at the studio in Trappers Way, Clareville. Thursday mornings 10.00-11.00am at the studio in Trappers Way, Clareville. Parking is very restricted in Trappers Way. Please park in Riverview Road and walk in. If you have a problem with mobility, please call to arrange parking.

Please call before your first class, after that attendance is on a casual basis.

What is the cost?.
Each class is $20.00.

How long does it take to notice the benefits?
Usually after the class most people feel relaxed, and calm. Meditation is a life long practice, it is something that we integrate into our daily lives. Compare developing your new awareness of self to a garden. To cultivate a beautiful garden, you must start with cultivating the soil, enrich and nurture it so it may provide the best nutrients for your plants to grow. Even though this may lead to a beautiful garden, the basics must still be maintained, the weeds removed, the soil enriched, otherwise the garden is soon depleted and empty. So it is with Ki cultivation and personal work, it takes time to develop the base to work with, to be the earth full of richness from which we can develop and grow our awareness of our energetic selves and our surrounds. These meditation practices will provide you with basic techniques, nurture and the opportunity to develop that inner awareness.

More questions and answers to follow soon. Please call Vicki on 9973 1720 with any enquiries.

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Meditation Classes

Tuesday Evenings
Class 1: 6.30 - 7.30 pm


10.00 - 11.00 am

Location Clareville:
Trappers Way
Riverview Rd, Walk in

Please Call before 1st Class

Location Newport:
3b/367 Barrenjoey Rd,

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