Northern Beaches Reiki & Meditation Studio

Reiki Treatments:

To facilitate your healing journey by being a clear and open channel for the Reiki energy.
To present Reiki in a professional way.
To provide a safe and caring environment where you can access your innate healing abilities.


Reiki Courses:


To assist in guiding people to heal themselves using Reiki.
To provide a safe and professional environment for you to develop your journey with Reiki.
To keep classes small and personalised to suit the attendees on the day.
To educate you on what Reiki is and isn’t.
To continue that journey after your course by providing Reiki practice times.
To be available to answer your questions as they arise.
To provide a support system for your ongoing journey with Reiki. Whether you stop with Level 1 or follow through to being a Reiki practioner after Level 2 or a Teacher after Level 3. The choice is yours!
To leave you confident and happy with your Reiki experience.


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Studio Hours

Therapyworks Newport
Thursdays: 8.30am last appointment 5.30pm
Book Online or call 99995544

Clareville Studio
Monday, Tuesday & Wednesdays:

8.30am last appointment 5.00pm

Friday mornings:
8.30 am - 11.30am

1.00pm last appointment 4.00pm

Book Online or call 0418404168