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This area of our site is for anyone who wants to explore further information about Reiki.

We look at the word Reiki, the meaning from various perpectives. By taking this further we explore Reiki as a system and the 5 elements that together create an amazing pathway to self development and inner wellbeing.

The history of Reiki guides us along the historical path of this amazing healing and personal development system. The founder, Usui Mikao, and its journey to the west with Mrs Takata.
From there we look at the frequently asked questions about Reiki, the treatments, the courses, and general enquiries. If you have any enquiries about Reiki or our services, please submit them via the contact page or call and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Along my journey with Reiki, I have read many books. Some of those books are listed here. I have found these books very helpful, both from understanding Reiki historically and also energetically. These days there are many ways of approaching your energetic practice. It is easy to dilute your practice by not being sure of the path you are following. These books have helped my teaching, my personal practice and the intellectual understanding around the system of Reiki and the energetic principles behind the system.

"With any energetic practice, whether it is Reiki, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga the value is not in the reading, it is in the practice."

These days we have another amazing resource through the internet. The global community has landed on our doorstep. There are many sites of interest regarding Reiki. The ones I have listed have had a direct impact on my understanding and appreciation of the system. Some of the sites bring Reiki new to the forefront, as its reputation and appreciation are growing throughout the world. Other sites are to related complementary therapies and businesses that I personally recommend.

Our site will grow as we explore the world of Reiki and how it impacts and improves our daily lives. Articles exploring people's experiences, practice elements and ways to improve your own understanding of the system. One the best ways to understand how reiki can help you is to have a treatment or do a course with us.

For people who really want to delve into their understanding of the system of Reiki from a Japanese perpective, the facts, the history, great support products, I highly recommend the site of The International House of Reiki. Bronwen and Frans Steine have done a lot of research into the origins of Reiki and its development.

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Reiki Courses

Reiki 1 Courses 2019

Weekend Course

March: 16th & 17th

2x Sundays: 
May: 19th & 26th
September: 8th & 15th
November: 17th & 24th

March 16th & 17th


Reiki 2 Courses 2019

Weekends Sat & Sun
March: 30th & 31st
September: 21st & 22nd

Reiki 3 Course 2019

3x Days

Friday, Saturday & Sunday
July 26th, 27th, & 28th

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