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Reiki is a complementary therapy being used worldwide as a relaxation and touch therapy by people for TLC and general health. Reiki is suitable for any condition as there is no medication and no manipulation. A gentle laying of the hands, on and off the body, a slow warmth that builds as you feel a deep quiet seep through your whole body.

People have Reiki treatments for many reasons, some of those reasons include anxiety, depression, stress management, chronic illnesses, and injuries that are slow to heal, also in supporting difficult life changes.

Reiki is wonderfully relaxing. It eases tension in the mind, relaxes the muscles in your body and harmonises your energetic system. A treatment usually lasts for approximately one hour. Your first treatment may extend a little longer, as we complete interview and treatment forms with you to establish how we can best assist you.

Reiki treatments are hands on, yet not intrusive. Usually you are laying down on a massage table. No massage is involved and you remain fully clothed.
Reiki is not an instant cure. Healing is a process that works at many levels. Reiki treatments are so much more than just relaxation. Reiki helps with any condition whether it is physical or emotional.


“As running water smoothes away the obstacles in its path, Reiki flows to areas of need, soothing pain and supporting the body’s natural ability to heal itself.”

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