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The following are some unsolicited comments from our clients.


Read Jane's story and her journey with breast cancer utilising the practices from her Reiki Course, Reiki Treatments and meditation classes to support her journey.

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It is said that you do not go in search of Reiki but that Reiki finds you.This was my experience and it came in the form of Vicki Huston, whom I now call a dear friend, my Reiki teacher and practitioner.

For me, Reiki treatments bring absolute relaxation and calm. My early treatments were very emotional with many tears but these times were not traumatic but gentle, comforting and a great emotional release.

With Vicki as my Reiki teacher, I went on to study level 1 and 2 Reiki, which has brought so much to my life. It has given me a greater sense of my personal calm and I am less stressed over life's situations. In the beginning, it was a tool to be used to improve my life. Now, it has become the way in which I live my life.

Reiki is beautifully simple to understand and to practice. My life has been enriched by meeting Vicki and consequently my introduction to Reiki. She has touched many lives through her generosity of spirit in sharing her love of Reiki.

xxx C

“I have had a problem with my right knee for many, many years now. It started with a large swelling in the knee joint, which was surgically removed. This fixed the problem for a while, but a few years later the knee started to give me problems again and seemed to click in and out without any warning, giving me great pain. The knee was swollen and there was some degree of pain whenever I put any weight on it. I never had any three doctors agree on a treatment. They all wanted to try something different.

I am a real sceptic when it comes to artificial treatments for my body. I didn’t trust anyone till a couple of weeks ago when a friend suggested I try a Reiki treatment. I didn’t think it would do any good but I went along with it to make a friend happy and, to my disbelief, I went in limping and came out feeling great. I had no limp for more than 3 days after. It was great.

I went back to Vicki for another session. I find it hard to believe, but the swelling has gone in my right knee and I am not limping. It is amazing. I have tried many things over the years but nothing has done any good.
I think Reiki is good for me and I want to learn more about it. I thank Vicki for taking away the pain and the great feeling I have now that I no longer limp.
Thank you Vicki "

I have had many Reiki treatments with Vicki Huston and can honestly say that Vicki’s intuitiveness in Reiki is amazingly strong.  She always picks up any aches or pains I have in my body without me telling her.

She is very professional and caring in her treatments and I am always impressed by her depth of knowledge, her passion and her calmness in her treatments.  I come away after a Reiki treatment with a sense of calm and overall groundedness that resonates within me for days to follow.

I always look forward to her treatments and sometimes my body and mind ‘crave’ a treatment from her.


I have trained with Vicki Huston for Reiki 1 and 2 courses and can highly recommend Vicki as a Reiki Teacher.

Her depth of knowledge, her passion and commitment for Reiki comes through in her teaching style.  She is a very empathetic and caring teacher, very concise with her structure of the lessons and meditations.  I thoroughly enjoyed both Reiki courses and came away with an unexpected sense of clarity and a knowledge that I look forward to developing further with Vicki.


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