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Vicki joins the Graduate Teacher program with the International House of Reiki.

What this means to you....

I have joined this program to offer my students access to some of the amazing resources provided by the International House of Reiki at the Ki Campus (see below). At the Ki Campus you will receive guidance by both IHReiki Senior Teacher Frans Stiene as well as myself. Certification is provided by Energy in Focus, not the International House of Reiki.

I have been a student of the The International  House of Reiki for many years. Fran's and Bronwen's  research in to the System of Reiki, it's history, Usui's original teachings, as well as the teachings and practices that were historically available and popular at the time Mikao Usui was living, has brought to light a greater understanding and fullness to what the System of Reiki has to offer.

I have seen this in my own Reiki journey. Originally I learnt a tradition where hands on healing and receiving attunements were the main focus of Reiki. I personally felt this wasn't quite enough for me. I had studied Reiki to work on myself at a very stressful and difficult time within my life. After working with Frans and Bronwen I realised that the system had so much more to offer. This was reflected in my practice and my life.

When deciding to teach Reiki, this is the path that resonated within me. The Graduate Teacher program and Ki Campus have provided a wonderful new opportunity to share a greater resource with students of Energy in Focus. 

The true benefits of the System of Reiki lie in the ongoing practice. The course is only the beginning. The post course support that we can now offer to assist you with your ongoing practice is more extensive with the addition of the Ki Campus service to our courses.

As a student of Energy in Focus, you will have access to these resources as part of your Reiki Training relative to the level of Reiki you are studying.

My thanks to Frans and Bronwen at The International House of Reiki for this great resource.

Benefits of the Ki Campus

  •         Complete your Reiki Level I, II and III training to be the best trained Reiki practitioner around!
  •         Join the Forums relevant to your Reiki Level
  •         Get direct support from IHReiki teachers as well as myself.
  •         At different levels of access to the KI Campus you also receive access to ongoing training through webclasses and discussions
  •         Retrieve information from your courses such as mantras and pdfs of symbols
  •         Take part in the fun aspects of the Ki Campus such as their Reiki Quizs.


Visit our site to read the full benefits to students of Energy in Focus



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